Welcome to Bozo Docs

Here you can trade your favorite meme coins and tokens in exchange for Bozo Points.
Bozo Points will be used to calculate periodic airdrops for supporters of the bozo ecosystem.
Point Multipliers for Bozo NFT holders.

Upgrading to V2 Soon

Unstake your staked Bozos

Sweep2win is a 1 of a kind product made by Bozo Collective, this product allows a gamified sweep contest that autosends prizes to the winner.

Each buy adds time to a countdown but once it reaches 0 the last buyer wins.

This product will be white-labeled to other communities in the ecosystem.

This is a sniper bot that will melt faces once it launches.

Something for all bozos to look forward to

$Bozo is a community token created by Bozo Collective

Bozo Collective is a collection with art inspired by Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Created to remind the community that we are all Bozos and we are all in this together.

Bozo Council – 100 of the biggest bozos on the Blockchain.